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Doormaster Smart
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Universal interface for FTZ123D12 and 4+n doorstation or PA loudspeaker systems to a analogue telephone line

Doormaster Smart adapter product family
  • Installation on DIN rail
  • Connection to any telephone system
  • Up to 4 bell button inputs
  • Up 5 driver contact outputs
  • 3 versions

The DOORMASTER SMART is a product family of universal adaters for the connection of door phones and PA loudspeaker systems to any PBX using an analogue telephone line. The adapter can be used to connect an existing door phone to a PBX or to integrate a PBX into a large intercom system.

Up to four chime buttons can be connected. For each input a different telephone number can be programmed. The programming is done using DTMF tones, and can also be done from a remote side. Activating a chime button the telephone line is sized and a stored 1 to 16 digits long number is dialed. When the called party answers the call it is connected the door phone. Dialing DTMF tones during the conversation will activate one of the 5 driver contacts to open the door or control other functions.

The product family has 2 versions, one for the connection of door phones with FTZ123D12 interface, one for the connection of 4+n door stations and one for the connection of PA loudspeaker system.

Standard features for all versions

  • Programming using DTMF tones with password control
  • For each chime button a 1 to 16 digits long telephone number can be programmed (1-0, *, #, flash, pause)
  • Programmable automatic call answer
  • Programmable function for the 5 driver contacts (automatic or manual)
  • Programmable automatic call termination after activation of each driver contact
  • Programmable function of the 4 chime buttons input (with or without new dialing after second button actvation)
  • Programmable microphone volume
  • Programmable loudspeaker volume
  • Loudspeaker volume change during conversation using DTMF tones
  • Programmable password
  • Programmable driver contact activation codes
  • Programmable max. line seizure timer form 30 to 999 seconds
  • Programmable activation/deactivation delay and activation timer for each driver contact
  • Programmable tone detection (one ring back tone, three busy tones, predefined tone tables)
  • Programmable call termination with silence detection from 1 to 99 seconds
  • High-end speakerphone circuit
  • Call termination with DTMF dial
  • DTMF input from outside filtering
  • Connection to any analogue telephone line, only two wires
  • Status display (3 colour LED)

Standard features (Doormaster Smart FTZ)

  • Connection of door phone with FTZ123D12 interface
  • Up to 3 chime button inputs (dry contact)
  • 1 TS contact
  • 1 TO door opener contact
  • 3 more driver contacts

Standard features (Doormaster Smart 4+N)

  • Connection of door stations with traditional 4+n cabling
  • Up to 4 chime button inputs (dry contact or alternate voltage)
  • 3 driver contacts
  • Input/output level regulation for microphone an loudspeaker toward the door station

Standard features (Doormaster Smart PAL)

  • Connection of PA loudspeaker systems
  • 5 driver contacs for amplifier on/off switch or zone selection

Technical data

  • Power supply: 12 Vac/dc, max. 100 mA
  • Max. load for driver contacts 1 and 2: 24 Vac/dc 0,5 A
  • Max. load for driver contacts 3 to 5: 24 Vac/dc 1 A
  • Working temperature: - 5° bis + 45° C
  • Dimensions: 52 x 89 x 57 mm (l x d x h). DIN rail casing 3 DIN A units
  • Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE
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