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ECII GSM gateway
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GSM500.VND gateway
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GSM500.4G gateway
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GSM gateway with one FXS telephone line interface, battery backup and serial data interface

GSM500.VND gateway
  • For GSM networks at 900 and 1800 MHZ
  • One analogue telephone line interface for FXS terminals
  • RS232/RS485 and CANBus serial data interface
  • Integrated battery backup

With the GSM500.VND gateway it is possible to connect a analogue telephone terminal, or a PBX, directly to the GSM network to realize cost effective routings using the mobile public network. Further to the telephone line also a transparent data communication using RS232, RS485 and CANBus serial interface is provided by the device. Together with the emergency call system many different applications can be planed, like the installation of mobile solutions on construction sites or where the standard telephone network is not available. Also inside high buildings where the installation of this device in the machine room near the roof might be cheaper then running cables up from the basement. Up to 9 ECII FLEX emergency call system units can be connected to one ECII GSM gateway.

No programming is need at all for the installation. A mini SIM card with the PIN code 0000 is enough. The unit will delete this PIN and change it with a random generated one blocking this way the abuse of the card. But alos SIM card without a PIN code can be used. For installation with data connectivity the programming is done easly using SMS. An innovative cloud based application can provide transparente serial data connection just using the internet. On the receiving side no other hardware is required then a PC running the specific VNDNET client application.

The GSM500.VND gateway adapter is delivered with a dual band GSM antenna and a PSU. It is powered with a 230 Vac mains, or using a 10 to 17 Vdc voltage. An emergency power supply with battery backup is integrated in the unit. The battery is tested periodically and an alarm is send using the ECII FLEX or an SMS if the battery fails the test.

GSM500.VND gateway application example

Standard features

  • Transparent data transmission in standard RS232, RS485 or CANBus
  • Compatible with software VNDNET PC client -ti, specifically designed for data transmission management
  • Allows to send SMS via serial port RS232 and CANBus
  • Remote monitoring independently from proprietary protocols
  • Remote control, programming and alerts via SMS
  • Cost reduction and data transmission service via server cloud for M2M services
  • Incoming text messages transmission towards devices wired in the DB9 connector (under RS232 standard)
  • High transmission speed
  • Low consumption
  • Easy installation by connectors and/or terminal blocks
  • Local programming via DTMF
  • Remote programming via SMS
  • Caller ID visualization
  • Roaming management feature
  • Remote control of battery level (notification via SMS or ECII FLEX)
  • Remote control of power failure (notification via SMS)
  • Remote control of GSM signal strenght
  • Automatic converter of the dialed number
  • Programmable telephone line tension
  • Customizable reception and transmission levels
  • Customizable timeout before dialing
  • Foreign or national codes customization
  • Automatic reboot under prolonged GSM signal absence
  • Remote reset

Technical data

  • DB9 connector for data transmission in standard RS232, RS485, CANBus
  • Power supply: from 10 to 17 Vdc
  • Power supply input: terminal block or jack for 230 Vac external adapter
  • Back up batteries: NiMH 650 mAh
  • Batteries duration: 8 h in stand by; 1 h in conversation
  • GSM transmission: dual band
  • Transmission power: 1 W: 1800 Mhz, 2 W: 900Mhz
  • LED signalling GSM signal strenght (green)
  • LED signalling operation status (red)
  • LED signalling line status / data transmission (white)
  • LED signalling power supply status (blue)
  • Telephone line output: terminal block or RJ-11 connector
  • Balanced telephone line
  • Antenna with metal base and extensin cable L= 2 m
  • External adapter: input 230 Vac 50 Hz; output 12 Vdc 1 A
  • Dimensions (without antenna): 140 x 96 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 220 g

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