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Agora IP S
Doortel 4
Doortello Smart
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Door telephone with analogue telephone line interface

  • NEW! Now with Doortello Smart engine
  • highend handsfree speaker device
  • door opener contact
  • different version available:
    • MD designer
    • AV vandal proofed

The MDPBX Light is a doorstation which can be connected to a normal analogue telephone line of any PABX. Pressing the door chime button the unit will size the line and dial a programmed telephone number. One telephone number with 4 digits can be programmed using DIP switches or a 16 digits number using DTMF programming. Using a DTMF tone uo to two door opener contacts can be activated during the conversation.

The line release is ensured by a busy tone detection and a selectable hardware timer.




MD version with rain shelter AV version

Standard features

  • One telephone number with up to 4 digits (DIP) or 16 diigits (DTMF programming) can be programmed (1 - 0, *, #, Pause, Flash)
  • Automatic call answer function
  • Highend handsfree device
  • Busy tone, ring back tone detection
  • Programming for loudspeaker and microphone volume
  • Loudspeaker volume can be changed during conversation
  • Two door opener contact activated by DTMF tone
  • Manual line release by DTMF tone
  • Automatic line release after door opening (selectable)
  • Connection to a standard analogue telephone line, two wires
  • Hardware disconnect timer selectable
  • Programmable activation time for driver contacts
  • Second driver contact with manual or automatic (camera function) function
  • Name label illumination

Optional features

  • Rain shelters
  • Wall mounting case

Technical data

  • Power consumption: min. 20 mA, telephone line powered (min. 24 Vdc max 60 Vdc)
  • Stand by power consumption: 4 µA
  • Environmenl: - 20° bis + 50° C, 90% Humidity (not condensing)
  • Max. door opener contact load: 30 Vpp, 1 A
  • Dimensions:
    • MD Version 124 x 213 x 64 mm
    • AV Version 100 x 247 x 55 mm
  • Homologations: CE, WEEE, ROHS
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